Welcome to my site !

The site was recently redone. However, all articles remain available as before. Feel free to send me your comments about this new format.

As on the previous version, you will find descriptions of many packages, such as the realization of amplifiers audio, digital codes, power supplies ...

Different fixtures are classified by categories and subcategories:

I will present in this section some of my projects on electronics and / or mechanics: mobile disco, CNC, trailers and other fun projects ...

Here's a little tour of my electronic assemblies. The fixtures will be classified into different categories: audio, home automation, laboratory and miscellaneous.

You will find some mounts that rotate around the USB bus, and a small introductory course on the bus and some tricks for development. I will present the implementation of a USB Host Mass Storage permetra to interface a microcontroller and a USB key.

Small gathering of good tips for the electronics.

My personal info.

Short summary of useful links.

To keep compatibility, all the old pages are redirected to the new site. Feel free to send me your comments, your questions by email.

You can leave your comments and suggestions on the guestbook : BOOK.

Enjoy your visit.


Last updated 08/02/2011