My Projects

I present here some of my major achievements.

I will not describe in detail all the arrangements because it would take too long. However, in the "packages" you can find some descriptions corresponding to these arrangements in the projects.

Here I present four of my projects (or in progress).

Mobile disco (1st version) :

I made this mobile disco almost 10 years ago. The purpose of this mobile disco was to animate the evening with friends.

Mobile disco (2nd version) :

Having many acquisition devices for the realization of the first mobile disco, I decided to create a new mobile disco for hire. This disco-Mobile aims to be very simple to mount and use. You can find a description of its implementation.

CNC milling machine:

It is a project that has always held dear. The goal is to achieve a numerically controlled milling machine to drill ICs and make machining on small boxes. I started this achievement in 2003, but I had to pause for several years due to lack of time, but the project is not abandoned.

Bike trailer fiberglass:

Besides my passion for electronics, I love the bike and especially travel by bicycle. I went 3 times in cycling holiday: once in the south of England (18 days), again in Britain (15 days) and finally in Corsica (21 days).

During these trips, I had a trailer to carry luggage. During the first 2 trips, I went with a 2-wheel trailer which is a major drawback, because very large, difficult to drive and not very tight.

So I decided to get into the trailer for a fiberglass mono-wheel, sealed with a larger and intelligent electrical energy management, trailer that I could finally use at the 3rd trip.