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I do not want to explain the standard of USB, many people did it before me. I suggest here a short tutorial of USB standard and an example of an host USB which drives memory key and USB hard drive. USB starts to be democratized in the world of the nonprofessional people (FTDI chips for example) but it is very difficult to find simple host examples on the web. I have played with USB for two years : endeed I began to be interested in this standard during my first training course which I made within the engineering and design department ofMEV (located in Toulouse France). This bus that I thought very complicated at the beginning has gived me curiosity to know more about it. Today I am working withing Ellisys which is very specialized in the realization of analyzers of bus in particular bus USB (see development technicals for USB).

To start, I suggest some essential recalls to understand the operation of the transferts which are made over this bus, I tried to be concise and simple in these recalls. Do not hesitate to make me your suggestions of improvements. Then you will be able to read some advices about development tools USB which we can use.

Finally I wrote an article which presents host USB development board, the purpose of it, is to write and to read on mass storage devices like USB memory or USB hard drive.

Future improvements of my USB article :

Soon available :

I will try to make a small summary of components USB of the market, Host and Device components.

Next USB development :

I intend to develop a generic Bulk driver for the microcontroller PIC18F2550. The project is compound with two phases: firmware development and driver development. I am very interested to develop firmware (I miss time..), but for the driver I do not have too many skills for the moment. In addition with an aim of interoperability, I would like to develop a driver for Windows and for Linux. Once the finished and functional project I intend to give all necessary files : free sources. If you are interested in this project do not hesitate to contact me, we always work more quickly in team.
Cours USB USB dev exemple

Do not hesitate to make me suggestions of improvements, modifications of source code, or quite simply to ask me some precisions. Note that I receive many emails, please be precise and concise in your emails for giving you suitable answers.

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